Abrasive Blast Machines

Expertly designed from heavy duty 6mm (¼") steel and with double weld seams, Elcometer’s abrasive blast machines are engineered to be incredibly efficient, safe and reliable. Manufactured to an industry leading specification and designed by Elcometer experts.

Every aspect of an Elcometer blast machine uses high quality components, is manufactured to an industry leading specification and is designed and engineered by Elcometer experts. Key features of an Elcometer blast machine include:

  • High flow concave dishes complete with a deflector plate for fast filling & operator safety
  • 1 ½” (38mm) remote control valve for use with a deadman’s handle to minimise air flow loss and shuts the blast system down quickly and safely
  • Hard working exhaust manifolds to allow air to exhaust through the silencer quickly & safely, with minimum wear
  • Large bore 38mm (1½") pipework throughout to ensure efficient airflow and minimal pressure loss
  • High performance moisture separator to prevent water and oil from entering the blast pot
  • Hard-wearing mixer T’s machined out of a single block of high grade machine steel
  • Flexible pusher line to ensure air flow without pressure loss caused by elbows
  • Air manifold to allow multiple outlets for ancillary equipment and a pressure relief valve

Elcometer blast machines also benefit from a narrow and protected design, allowing them to fit through most standard doorways and, even when laid down during transportation, the machine’s valves and pipework are protected. The design also makes them easy to manoeuvre on site by one person, no matter their size.