Abrasive Blast Machines - 12bar (174psi)

Whether you are blasting at a dockyard or in a blast room, Elcometer offers a range of blast machines, from 20 up to 285 litres (0.7 - 10.06cu ft), available with 12bar (174psi) working pressure to maximise productivity. Elcometer standard blast machines are CE approved and fully tested and certified to PED 2014/68EU with a maximum working pressure of 12bar (174psi).

Elcometer standard blast machines are available in a range of easy-to-order kits to get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

Elcometer abrasive blasting equipment is engineered to be incredibly efficient, safe and reliable. Elcometer blast machine kits use 38mm (1 ½”) pipework throughout significantly increasing the efficiency of the system. Expertly designed valves and precision controls ensure a reduction in abrasive costs, minimal downtime and reduced clean-up and abrasive disposal costs.