Nova 2000® Blast Helmet

Nova 2000® Blast Helmets - premium blasting helmet designed to optimise comfort, safety and productivity in all abrasive blasting (sandblasting) projects.

The Nova 2000® Blast Helmet has been designed to offer the operator ultra comfort and protection to boost work performance.

  • Hand strap for easy transportation and storage of the abrasive blast helmet
  • Streamlined air system that directs air to the breathe zone, prevents lens fogging and head chill
  • Super tough blast helmet shell that is U.V. stabilised and abrasion resistant
  • Tear-off lens with individual pre-folded tabs
  • Multi-layered sound deadening foam for hearing protection Nova 2000® blast helmet
  • Large viewing window for increased vision within the blast system
  • Robust latch that is easy to locate and use
  • Choose from 5 cape options

Advanced Safety

Constructed out of hard wearing, abrasion resistant polyethylene, the Nova 2000® abrasive blast helmet is fully certified to worldwide Standards including NIOSH, CE 0194, and exceeds AS/NZS Standards.

A full range of blast capes and jackets are available that securely attach inside the blast helmet to prevent abrasive ingress.

Operator Comfort

The Nova 2000® blast helmet is the original fully padded, motorcycle fit blasting helmet, ensures optimal user comfort and allows the abrasive blast helmet to turn with the users head, providing a perfect field of vision.

The Nova 2000® blast helmets weight is evenly distributed, balanced across the head and shoulders, removing the pressure points created by head harnesses. The padded interior is available in three different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

Optimise Productivity

To increase your productivity the Nova 2000® blast helmet comes complete with a tear off lens system to allow for uninterrupted blasting and perfect vision throughout the blasting work shift.

The built in streamlined air system directs air to the breathe zone, preventing lens fogging and head chill, letting you blast for longer without interruption.