Nova 3® Blast Helmet

Nova 3® Blast Helmets - strong, robust, durable and comfortable; for ultimate performance in all abrasive blasting (sandblasting) projects.

The Nova 3® Blast Helmet can save you 45 minutes abrasive blast time a day with its “Fit and Save™” tear-off lens system.

  • Tough blast helmet shell, manufactured from engineering grade nylon
  • Large panoramic window that provides optimum downward and peripheral vision from the abrasive blast helmet
  • Bellow seal creates a complete barrier to dust and particulates from entering the blast helmet
  • Streamlined air system that directs air to the breathe zone, prevents lens fogging and head chill
  • Ratchet adjustable padding system creates secure custom fit
  • Removable visor for efficient lens replacement
  • Clip on cape seal stops abrasives and dust entering the Nova 3® blast helmet
  • Large, glove sized latch that is easy to locate and use
  • Allen key located inside the blast helmet is the only tool required for all part replacements

Best in Class Comfort

The Nova 3® abrasive blast helmet is one of the most comfortable abrasive blast helmets in the industry, thanks to the moulded adjustable inner padding system that creates a secure custom fit, spreading the weight evenly to reduce fatigue. Complete with a streamlined air flow system to reduce lens fogging and eliminate head chill by directing air to the breathe zone - the Nova 3® blast helmet lets you blast in comfort for longer.

Safe by Design

The Nova 3® abrasive blast helmet creates a complete barrier to dust, abrasives and particulates entering the blast helmet, complete with clip on capes to stop abrasives and dust entering the abrasive blast helmet.

Thanks to its enhanced optical design, the Nova 3® blast helmet ensures optimum downward and peripheral vision due to a large viewing window. The Nova 3® blast helmet is tested to the highest industry Standards worldwide including NIOSH, ANSI Z87.1 - 2010+ and ANSI Z89.1 - 2012 Type 1 Class C; giving you complete peace of mind.

Optimise Productivity

When you are not blasting you are not making money, that’s why the Nova 3® blast helmet has individually pre-folded visor tabs ensuring you tear off only one lens at a time, saving up to 45 minutes per day, per blaster.