Whip Check Safety Cable

Manufactured from high strength corrosion resistant steel and designed for containing the coupling connection in case of accidental separation; the Elcometer whip check safety cable creates extra protection for the operator in the event of a coupling failure.

If couplings fail or disconnect at high pressure, serious injury can occur as the high pressure can cause the hose to thrash around, out of control, endangering the life of the blaster and those nearby.

By using the Elcometer whip check safety cables, the situation is better controlled as the couplings movement becomes far more restricted, giving you opportunity to shut down the air supply quickly and safely.

To prevent accidents whip checks should be used at all connection points, such as:

  • Between two hose couplings
  • Between hose and pot couplings
  • Between hose and compressor couplings
  • Between hose and air distribution manifold couplings