Abrasive Blast Machines

Abrasive Blast Machines

Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines, also referred to as sandblast pots, are engineered out of heavy duty 6mm (¼") steel with double weld seams throughout, designed to maximise service lifetime. Every aspect of an Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine uses high quality components, manufactured to an industry leading specification and designed and engineered by Elcometer experts. Elcometer abrasive blast machines are CE approved and fully tested and certified to ASME BPVC or PED 2014/68EU.

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Elcometer abrasive blast machines have large 38mm (1½") diameter pipework and valving throughout to maximise efficiency and media valves with precision adjustment controls allowing your abrasive blasting to be more effective than ever before.

From the large access doorway with ElcoFit™ sealing gaskets, to the quick change remote control valve system for faster servicing, Elcometer abrasive blast machines are engineered to be easy to use and quick to maintain - maximising your blast productivity.

Choose from Elcometer's range of portable abrasive blast machines or static abrasive blast machines to meet the requirements of your abrasive blasting project.