Choosing An abrasive Blast Hose

Flexible, anti-static, light weight and incredibly tough, Elcometer’s range of 2 ply blast hoses are available with a working pressure of either 12 or 15bar (174 or 217psi) with a 3 times safety margin.

1. Tough Outer Cover

Manufactured using abrasion resistant and anti-static natural & styrene-butadiene rubber with a cloth impression, the tough weather resistant cover prolongs the life of the blast hose.

2. 2 Ply Braid Reinforcement

Elcometer’s abrasive blast hose features highly woven cord linings in a 2 ply cross pattern to improve hose strength and allow flexibility.

3. Anti-Static & Abrasion Resistant Inner Wall

The Elcometer blast hose is abrasion resistant and manufactured out of natural & styrene-butadiene rubber compound with carbon black, in accordance with DIN53516 and has an anti-static rating (R) of less than 106sq/m (48.8sq/ft) to protect the user from static build up.

The Elcometer blast hose is available in anti-static 40m (131ft) lengths & a number of hose diameters, in either 12bar (174psi) or 15bar (217psi) so you can prepare your blast hose to suit your application.

Part Number Blast Hose Length Internal Diameter (ID) Outside Diameter (OD) Minimum Bend Radius Maximum Working Pressure Maximum Burst Pressure Operating Temperature
BH13 40m (131ft) 13mm (12") 28mm (118") 105mm (4964") 12bar (174psi) 36bar (522psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH19 40m (131ft) 19mm (34") 34mm (138") 155mm (6764") 12bar (174psi) 36bar (522psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH25 40m (131ft) 25mm (1") 38mm (112") 200mm (778") 12bar (174psi) 36bar (522psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH32 40m (131ft) 32mm (114") 48mm (178") 260mm (101564") 12bar (174psi) 36bar (522psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH38 40m (131ft) 38mm (112") 56mm (2316") 305mm (12164") 12bar (174psi) 36bar (522psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH32X 40m (131ft) 32mm (114") 48mm (178") 256mm (10564") 15bar (217psi) 45bar (653psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)
BH38X 40m (131ft) 38mm (112") 56mm (2316") 304mm (113132") 15bar (217psi) 45bar (653psi) -30 to +85oC (-22 to +185oF)