Elcometer RCV4000 Remote Control Valve 11/4” (32mm)

Elcometer RCV4000 Remote Control Valves are used to safely pressurise and depressurise abrasive blast machines at the blast nozzle using a deadman's handle.

  • Quickly cuts off the flow of compressed air to the blast hose
  • Easy and fast to service, the whole RCV system can be removed by undoing two unions joints
  • Available with 38mm (1½"), 32mm (1¼”) or 19mm (¾”) versions
  • Built-in exhaust valve de-pressurises quickly and safely
  • RCV4000+ includes air manifold for ancillary equipment
  • Designed and built in Great Britain out of high grade, non-corrosive aluminium

Thanks to Elcometer’s state-of-the-art range of RCV4000 Pneumatic Remote Control Valves, our blast machines can be safely controlled at the nozzle, delivering precision control with maximum efficiency.

With a universal fit to all blast machines with remote control valve ports, the Elcometer RCV4000 Remote Control Valve offers high performance, reliability and is easy to service out in the field.

Safe Control

Used with a deadman’s handle, the Elcometer RCV4000 with immediate start/stop, allows you to safely control the blast stream at the nozzle.

Performs Under Pressure

The state-of-the-art Elcometer RCV4000+ Remote Control Valve’s 1½" (38mm) diameter design reduces pressure loss by maximising the air flow efficiency through the valve.


The built-in heavy duty exhaust valve with reinforced elbow ensures fast and safe shut down. The durable Elcometer Exhaust Silencer traps small abrasive particles present in the air as it exits the abrasive blast machine during depressurisation.

Easy to Service

When you are not blasting, you are not earning, that’s why the Elcometer RCV4000 Remote Control Valve is incredibly easy to service and the whole system can we swapped out by undoing just two union joints. So whilst the assembly is being serviced, you can carry on blasting.


The Elcometer RCV4000 doesn’t just work with Elcometer’s blast machines, its universal fit ensures it can be easily attached to shot blast machines using remote control valves.

Stay in Control

To find out how Elcometer’s state-of-the-art RCV4000 and RCV4000+ Remote Control Valves allow you to safely control the blast machine at the nozzle, click here.