Abrasive Media Valves

Abrasive Media Valves

Elcometer's abrasive media valves, also known as grit valves, offer precision control of the abrasive media flow and and are ideal for heavy or aggressive blasting materials such as shot, grit or aluminium oxide. The range includes general valves, automatic general valves, universal valves and flat valves.

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Unlike other media valves, Elcometer GV and AGV abrasive media valves are fitted with a replaceable elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner which protects and prolongs the lifetime of the valve itself.

Integrated scales on the valves clearly indicate the valve setting and tells you when you need to change the liner, so you don’t have to guess, or open up the valve to check.

Our abrasive media valves come with fingertip adjustment so that you can precisely control the media flow, even whilst blasting.