Air Handling and Moisture Separation

Air Handling and Moisture Separation

Elcometer’s air handling and moisture separation range includes air distribution manifolds (ADM), compressor air bull hose and air couplings, all designed to make your air distribution safer and more reliable.

Air Distribution Manifolds
Designed to maintain a consistent cfm air supply to up to 6 different air powered devices, Elcometer’s range of high volume air distribution manifolds (ADM) are portable, heavy duty welded and can be used at up to 15bar (217psi) working pressure.

Compressor Air Bull Hose
Powerful, highly wear resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, the Elcometer Compressor Air Supply Bull Hose transports air from your compressor to your air distribution manifold and air from your air distribution manifold to your blast machine.

Air Couplings
Manufactured out of steel; the air couplings connect to either side of the air bull hose and on to each of the inlets and outlets on the air distribution manifold to ensure a safe connection.

Portable Elcometer High Volume Air Distribution Manifolds (ADM) are designed to maintain a consistent air supply to multiple air powered devices.

When connecting multiple air powered devices to a single compressor, the demands on air flow can vary as each device switches on or off. An Air Distribution Manifold (ADM) can reduce fluctuations in demand, acting as a buffer, to provide a more consistent air supply to multiple devices.