Elcometer AGV Automatic General Valve

Elcometer AGV Automatic General Valve ensures precision abrasive control and fail-safe shut down of both the blast stream and media flow.

  • Media flow indicator and rubber liner wear indicator
  • Tested to a maximum working pressure of 15bar (217psi)
  • Precision abrasive control to ensure maximum efficiency even whilst blasting
  • Safely adjust media flow when in use to save time
  • Complete with elcoTOUGH™ rubber liner that can be quickly replaced without disconnecting the valve
  • 100% abrasive shut off - reducing wastage
  • Replace the elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner with just 2 bolts

Ideal for metering heavy or aggressive abrasive materials, such as shot, grit or aluminium oxide. The design prevents the valve body from coming into contact with the abrasive stream as it only touches the long life elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner, which can be quickly replaced when worn.

Safe and Efficient

The pinch style Elcometer Automatic General Valve has a built in fail-safe feature that shuts off both the blast stream and media flow at the handle quickly and safely - reducing wastage.

Easy to Use

With a built in media flow indicator Elcometer Automatic Valves allow the operator to adjust the media flow even when blasting, ensuring precise abrasive metering for an even, regulated flow.

Fast to Service

To replace the hardwearing elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner, the Elcometer Automatic General Valve does not have to be removed from the blast machine and can be taken apart with two bolts.


The Elcometer AGV Automatic General Valves can be fitted onto most abrasive blast machines on the market.