Operator Safety Equipment

Operator Safety Equipment

Elcometer supply a wide range of operator safety equipment from state-of-the-art Nova blast helmets with a selection of accessories, to our all-purpose blast suits and capes.

Safety & comfort are the two watchwords when it comes to blast helmet design and the RPB® Nova range of blast helmets win on both parts. All our helmets are designed for your comfort and safety; lightweight and abrasive resistant and built with a tough helmet shell.

Meeting the ISO 9001 and NIOSH standards and providing hearing and eye protection, our blast helmets are ideal for your safety needs.

Blast Helmets
Comfort and protection are critical when blasting. Recognised for its comfort; the RPB® Nova range of blast helmets supplied by Elcometer are ideal for your blasting needs. Designed with a tough helmet shell made of high density polyethylene, Nova helmets are strong, robust and durable.

Air Filter & Gas Monitoring
Supplying clean air to the helmet, the RPB® Radex® Clean Air Filter, supplied by Elcometer, is designed to remove condensation and up to 98% of particles with a size of 0.5 microns (0.02mil) or less.

Clothing & Personal Protection Equipment
Your personal safety is our number one priority, that’s why at Elcometer we have put together a range of personal protection equipment and clothing for you. Our range includes tear off visors, leather and lightweight blast suits, gloves and ear protection.