Operator Safety Equipment

Operator Safety Equipment

Blasting at high pressure can be extremely dangerous; that's why Elcometer supply a range of operator safety equipment from state-of-the-art Nova blasting helmets and accessories, to our all-purpose blast suits and capes. Every item within the range has been designed to protect the user whilst enabling improved sandblasting performance.

Monitoring Dangerous Gases when Abrasive Blasting - For more information click here 

Whilst blasting helmets, suits, capes, gloves and air filters are common practice within the sandblasting industry, the ability to monitor the air which a blaster breathes is often overlooked.

As over exposure to undetected dangerous gases, such as carbon dioxide, can lead to long term health issues, Elcometer Experts believe that gas monitoring should be common practice within the blast site.

The RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor detects dangerous levels of toxic gas in the environment and breathing apparatus, providing feedback to the blaster on the cleanliness of air so they can work assured that it is safe to breathe.

Read the full technical article which explains international breathing air regulations and the features which make the GX4® Gas Monitor so easy to use.