Monitoring Dangerous Gases when Abrasive Blasting

When blasting at high pressure, it is essential that appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is used to ensure the safety of operators against potential dangers; it is for this reason that Elcometer supply a full range of safety equipment. Whilst blast suits, capes, gloves, respirators and air filters are common practice within the industry, the ability to monitor the air which a blaster breathes is often overlooked.

The RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor detects dangerous levels of toxic gas in the environment and breathing apparatus, providing feedback to the blaster on the cleanliness of air so they can work assured that it is safe to breathe.

Internationally Compliant

Ideal for blasting applications which require the supply of clean air, the GX4® meets international breathing regulations including Grade D Breathing Air (USA), ASNZS 1715 (Australia and New Zealand) and BS/EN 12021 (Europe).

International Breathing Air Regulations
Europe US Australia and New Zealand
BS EN12021 & EN12021:2014 CGA G-7.1-2011 Grade D AS-NZS 1715: 2009
Odour The gas shall be free from unsatisfactory odour or taste None (No pronounced odour) No objectionable or nauseous odour
Oxygen (21 ± 1)% 19.5% - 23.5% 19.5% - 22%
Carbon Dioxide ≤ 500 PPM ≤ 1000 PPM ≤ 800 PPM
Carbon Monoxide ≤ 5 PPM ≤ 10 PPM ≤ 10 PPM
Oil ≤ 0.5 mg/m3 ≤ 5 mg/m3 ≤ 1 mg/m3
Water Airline <40bar Where the apparatus is used and stored at a known temperature the pressure dewpoint shall be at least 5°C below likely lowest temperature. Where the conditions of usage and storage of any compressed air supply is not known the pressure dewpoint shall not exceed -11°C Dewpoint ≤50°F (67 PPM v/v), for SCBA use in extreme cold a dew point not to exceed -65°F (24 ppm v/v) or the dewpoint must be 10°F lower than the coldest temperature where the respirator is worn
Water High Pressure 40 to 200 bar ≤50 mg/m3, >200 bar ≤35 mg/m3, HP Charging Comp ≤25 mg/m3 Contain not more than 100 mg/m3 for cylinders initially filled to pressure of at least 120bar

Detect Multiple Gases Simultaneously

The GX4® Gas Monitor can detect multiple harmful gases simultaneously which would otherwise remain undetected as they are invisible, colourless and odourless. Commonly found in industrial premises worldwide, breathing in these harmful gases can cause symptoms of flu, headaches and tiredness, with ongoing exposure leading to long term health issues.

These gases are detected via installed pre-calibrated cartridges which are designed for the harshest of environments and contained in robust housing. Lasting up to two years, the cartridges can be easily removed and replaced in a similar way to how you would remove and replace the ink cartridges on an inkjet printer.

Available cartridges include carbon monoxide (5ppm), carbon monoxide (10ppm), hydrogen sulphide (10ppm) and oxygen (19.5-23 %). When used with the GX4®, carbon monoxide cartridges comply to the requirements of OSHA rule 29 CFR 1920.134 for carbon dioxide monitoring.

Enhanced Usability

The GX4® has a 3” digital menu driven illuminated LCD display and continuously monitors and records data such as gas concentrations, air temperature, unit status, alarms and calibration dates.

If a gas level is exceeded, a 103dB staccato alarm sounds to alert the operators of danger. The GX4® comes with optional extras including strobe lights and alarms to increase danger awareness when working in noisy environments. The auxiliary output connector could also be used to drive solenoids.

Operating from a 12v power supply, the GX4® Gas Monitor comes complete with a built-in safety power reserve which enables the unit to run for 18 hours in the event that supplied power is cut.

Quick and Easy Set-Up and Monitoring

To get your GX4® up and running, securely fit the gas monitor to the RPB® Radex® Airline Filter by twisting and locking it to the filter bracket, allowing the air to be fed directly to the GX4® for monitoring.

The GX4® also creates a Wi-Fi enabling connection to mobile devices. This enables users to analyse data in real time, review historical data, check calibration dates and download reports and certificates in a PDF format.

The GX4® Gas Monitor is an essential tool to ensure the safety of your employees in today’s blasting environment.

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