Elcometer MFV Mini Flat Valve

Designed for use with mineral abrasives the Elcometer Mini Flat Valve provides precise metering of abrasive from the blast pot to the hose, ensuring less wastage.

  • Suitable for use with the Elcometer 1020 Abrasive Blast Machine
  • 45° incline design ensures uniform mixture of air and abrasive
  • Manufactured from high grade aluminium
  • Easy access service port to clear the valve from clogging
  • Durable steel control discs provide precise metering of abrasive
  • Designed to work with mineral abrasives
  • Service kits available for simple maintenance

The 45° inclined valve design affords uniform mixture of air and abrasive. The valve's durable control disks provide precise metering of an abrasive quantity.


Manufactured out of high grade non-corrosive aluminium with durable steel control discs, precise abrasive control can be easily maintained by use of the lever handle.

Easy to Use

The service port allows the valve to be cleared of clogging. The flow control valve is designed for working with mineral abrasives (slag).

Easy to Service

Easy to service out in the field the durable steel control discs can be replaced in minutes using standard tools.