Elcometer MGV Mini General Valve

The Elcometer Mini General Valve ensures precise abrasive metering for an even, regulated flow. With its long life rubber liner it's highly durable, incredibly fast and easy to service - reducing downtime.

  • Media flow indicator and rubber liner wear indicator
  • Tested to a maximum working pressure of 15bar (217psi)
  • Precision abrasive control to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Safely adjust media flow when in use to save time
  • Complete with elcoTOUGH™ rubber liner that can be quickly replaced without disconnecting the valve
  • 100% abrasive shut off - reducing wastage
  • Replace the elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner with just 2 bolts

Suitable for all media types, the design prevents the valve body from coming into contact with the abrasive stream as the abrasive stream only touches the elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner, which may be quickly replaced when worn.


With a built in media flow indicator Elcometer Mini General Valves allow the operator to adjust the media flow when in use, ensuring precise abrasive metering for an even, regulated flow.