Blast Nozzles

Blast Nozzles

Elcometer supply a wide range of abrasive blast nozzles, including Venturi Blast Nozzles, Double Venturi Blast Nozzles, Water Jet System Blast Nozzles and Angled Liner Blast Nozzles. 

Rugged but lightweight for maximum sandblasting performance, each type of nozzle is designed for a specific type of media application.

SELECTING AN ABRASIVE BLAST NOZZLE - IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - For more information click here

Elcometer’s range of high-performance sandblast nozzles are both rugged and lightweight and designed to minimise operator fatigue.

Using a larger sandblast nozzle orifice size produces a greater blast coverage area but requires a greater air capacity (cfm or m3/min) to ‘power’ the blast nozzle.

A smaller abrasive sandblasting nozzle size will typically produce a narrower abrasive blast pattern and consume less air. To maximise the potential benefits of using a larger blast nozzle diameter, it is essential to ‘supply’ the nozzle with the correct air & media mix at sufficient speed and pressure. The choice of a sandblasting nozzle is therefore determined by the available airflow produced by the compressor. If a larger blast nozzle is chosen then to blast efficiently, a higher air capacity is required.