Introducing Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines

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Introducing the Elcometer Range of Dry Abrasive Blast Machines (Sandblasting)

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility, and with over 35 years’ experience in blast machine manufacture through our sister company Blast Equipment Limited, Elcometer’s new range of Abrasive Blast Equipment has been designed from the ground up. Great care has been taken to make sure that each and every component has been designed to be safer, more reliable, efficient, and easier to maintain.

Every item has been designed to optimize your performance in the field – whether it’s our remote control valves, our abrasive media valves, air distribution manifolds, or moisture separators - and what’s more, they are made in Great Britain.

The Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines are available in a range of sizes, starting at the small 10”, 20 litre [0.7cu ft] unit – ideal for small blasting projects, touch up work, or when you need to blast in confined spaces. All the way up to our 24”, 285 litre [10.0cu ft.] units, which are perfect for large scale applications which need continuous high production blasting. Elcometer’s portable and static Abrasive Blast Machines are rated to operate up to a maximum working pressure of 12 bar [174psi], ensuring you will always have the pressure at the blast nozzle you need to maximise your productivity.

And for those jobs where you need it, we also have a range of 15bar [217psi] portable and static units, which ensure that no matter how long your abrasive blast hose is, you can rest assured that you will be able to have the pressure you need at the nozzle - even if the hose is a little old or wearing out, and no matter what abrasive you are using.

From the compressed air hose to the blast nozzle, and everything in between, every component and every detail of an Elcometer Dry Abrasive Blast Machine has been engineered to be safe and reliable, to enhance your performance, and to maximise your up time.

CE approved, fully tested, and certified to the latest PED International Standard [PED 2014/68EU] – each Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine (Sandblast Machine)  is supplied with a pressure test certificate as standard. Elcometer Blast Machines are manufactured out of heavy duty 6mm steel, complete with double weld seams, to prevent the build-up of abrasive and corrosion hot spots in the seam. Once abrasive and naturally occurring moisture gets into the seam, it can never get out, which leads to corrosion that weakens the steel.

Complete with top of the line, heavy duty pipe fittings for durability; robust roller-bearing wheels to get around the job site with ease; and coated in a tough, hard wearing, multi-layer, anti-corrosion coating – Elcometer Blast Machines can endure the harshest of sandblasting environments.

Thanks to Elcometer’s state-of-the-art range of RCV4000 Pneumatic Remote Control Valves, our blast machines can be safely controlled at the blast nozzle, delivering precision control with minimal cfm flow and pressure loss.

The Elcometer RCV4000+ comes with an integrated Air Manifold with multiple air outlets, allowing you to attach ancillary equipment, such as pressure gauges to monitor your compressed air pressure, ball vibration units to fluidise the media flow, and air supply for your breathe air filter.

Global safety standards require a pressure relief valve to be incorporated somewhere within your abrasive blast system. Pressure relief valves are designed to open when the pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure of the blast machine. Sometimes, there is nowhere to fit one - that’s why Elcometer’s certified pressure relief valves can be easily fitted onto the blast machine, so you can blast safely.

Now, blasting is noisy. And when blasting in a noisy and dusty environment you can’t always see what is going on around you so you are unlikely to notice if someone walks into the blasting area without Personal Protection Equipment - a danger typically associated with sandblasting. That is why there is someone at the blast machine to be your eyes and ears, who can quickly depressurise the blast machine using the large, bright red, easy-to-reach Safety Petcock Handle, which is fitted to every Elcometer Blast Machine as standard, for the safety of everyone on site.

The design of your blast machine, and your blast hose’s diameter, length, age, wear and quality, can all affect the pressure at the nozzle. The pressure at the nozzle, together with the cfm flow rate, has a dramatic effect on blast efficiency and productivity. In fact, for every additional 1psi (0.068bar) above 100psi (6.8bar) at the nozzle, you get a 1.5% increase in productivity.

That is why our blast machines have not only been engineered for minimal pressure loss, but when combined with Elcometer’s 12 or 15bar [174 or 217psi] maximum working pressure, you will always achieve the pressure you need at the nozzle to maximise your productivity, no matter what the condition of your blast hose.

What’s more, to optimise the cfm flow rate through the blast machine, all of our pipework has an internal diameter of 1½” (38mm) from the air intake to the Mixer T, allowing you to select a larger nozzle diameter - so you can blast more, in less time.

And, when combined with Elcometer’s Abrasive Media Valves - all of which come with fingertip adjustment so you can precisely control the media flow even when blasting – you will be able to use less abrasive to blast the same area, whilst still achieving the specified profile.

Performance and efficiency are nothing without durability. That’s why Elcometer’s Blast Machines are engineered to last longer. Forcing abrasive through a high pressure system, however, will cause wear and tear, which means a good maintenance regime is required to prolong the service life of your blast machine. We have designed our machines to be easily serviced, minimising downtime so you can maximise your blast time.

To further minimise downtime; the remote control valve, exhaust, silencer, and water separator can all be quickly swapped out in one assembly - just by undoing two union joints. So, while the assembly is being serviced in the shop, you can carry on blasting.

Elcometer Pop Up Valves are reinforced with a metal base plate for durability. But when they need to be replaced you can do so quickly and easily thanks to the large access doorway, which is wide enough for both of your arms. And, as each door comes with an ElcoFit™ Wraparound Sealing Gasket, you don’t have to worry about gasket alignment when closing the door.

Our focus on durability is not limited to the blast machine. Elcometer’s GV and AGV abrasive metering valves are fitted with replaceable elcoTOUGH™ Rubber Valve Liners, which protect and prolong the lifetime of the valve itself. Field trials have shown that the elcoTOUGH™ liner can last more than 3 times longer than other rubber liners. And what’s more, they can be quickly replaced without the need to remove the valve from the machine. And, so you don’t have to guess the condition of the liner, the valve’s integrated scale clearly indicates the liner’s condition and informs you of the valve setting.

The Mixer T, where the high pressure air mixes with the abrasive media, is made from ultra-hard wearing machined tool steel, so it lasts longer than traditional steel versions. And when it starts to wear out, just rotate it by 180° to double the service life.

From major components, to the smallest details - every aspect of an Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine is manufactured to industry leading specifications, uses high quality components, and is fully designed and British engineered by Elcometer experts with over 35 years’ experience.

An Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine is designed to make it easier to get the job done. For example, the high flow concave dish is complete with an adjustable deflector plate, angled at 45° to ease flow for fast filling. It is also designed to prevent abrasive escaping the blast machine when the pop up valve is engaged, avoiding damage to the pop up sealing ring, and stopping media from dangerously spraying out of the pot.

When it comes to abrasive flow through to the media valve, the 45/90° cone maximises abrasive flow rate and prevents blockages. Each Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine is also fitted with a vibrator plate, so a ball vibrator can be retro-fitted to fluidise the flow of abrasive media, especially when using fine abrasives or soda.

Our sieves and lids are also designed to sit outside the machine, and not inside the dish, to prevent water and rain ingress from the top – after all, wet abrasive clogs the system, resulting in unnecessary downtime.

When it comes to moving the abrasive blast machine around the site, we’ve thought about that too. Each unit is perfectly balanced, and as all the control systems and pipework are carefully designed to fit within the axels, our blast machines are able to fit through most standard doorways.

And, when the job is done, and it’s time to go home, the blast machine can either lay down on its back in your truck, or lifted using the heavy duty lifting lugs, which have been designed to make sure that the unit touches the ground wheels first – avoiding damage to the front, reinforced leg.