Maximise Your Up Time

When you are not blasting you are not earning, that’s why Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines are engineered to work harder, last longer and be faster to maintain.

Quick and Easy

Whilst Elcometer pop up valves come with reinforced metal guards so that they last longer, when they need to be replaced you can do so quickly and easily thanks to the large access doorway which is wide enough for both of your arms. As each door comes with an ElcoFit™ wraparound sealing gasket, you don’t even have to worry about gasket alignment

Maintenance in Minutes

Maintenance is always required to prolong the service life of your blast machine. To minimise your downtime, the remote control valve, exhaust, silencer and moisture separator can be quickly swapped out in one assembly by undoing just three union joints. So whilst the assembly is being serviced, you can carry on blasting.

Tough T’s

The Mixer T is made from ultra-hard wearing machined steel so that they last longer, and when they have started to wear out, just rotate them by 180° to double their service life. Each exhaust T is fitted with a sacrificial wearplate nut, replaceable in seconds, saving you time and money.

Extend Your Lifetime

Unlike many media valves, Elcometer GV and AGV abrasive metering valves are fitted with a replaceable elcoTOUGH™ rubber valve liner which protects and prolongs the lifetime of the valve itself.
Integrated scales on the valves clearly indicate the valve setting and tell you when you need to change the liner, so you don’t have to guess, or worse, open up the valve to check.


Each elcoTOUGH™ liner can last more than 3 times longer than other rubber liners and can be rapidly replaced without the need to remove the valve from the machine.