Elcometer Engineered

Every aspect of an Elcometer Blast Machines uses high quality components, manufactured to an industry leading specification and fully designed and engineered by Elcometer experts.
Heavy Duty Construction

6mm wall thickness with tough marine specification 2 pack epoxy multi-coat paint for anti corrosion.

High Flow Pipework & Valves

Large bore 1.5” pipework, ensures efficient airflow and low pressure loss so you can blast faster.

Concave Dishes

High flow concave dish complete with deflector plate for fast filling.

Fast Flow Cones

45/90° cone to maximise abrasive flow rate and prevent blockages.

Remote Control Valves

Used with a deadman’s handle, the failsafe hydraulic remote control valve shuts the blast system down quickly and safely.

Precision Metering Valves

High flow concave dish complete with deflector plate for fast filling.

Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust manifold allows air to exhaust through the silencer quickly & safely.

Moisture Separators

High performance moisture separator prevents water and oil from entering the blast pot.

Hard-wearing Mixer T's

Machined out of a single block of high grade machined steel the hardwearing Elcometer Mixer T is designed for use with Elcometer Automatic & General Valves.

Serviceable Exhaust T’s

When a blast machine exhausts, it wears out the Exhaust T quickly. Elcometer Exhaust T’s are fitted with a sacrificial wearplate nut that can be replaced in seconds.

Adjustable Deflector Plates

The adjustable deflector plate angled at 45° to ease flow during filling is also designed to prevent abrasive escaping the blast machine when the popup valve is engaged.

Large Inspection Access

With a large front access plate and easy to remove access door, all Elcometer Blast Machines are designed to make maintenance easier and faster.

Reinforced Pop Up Valves

The heavy duty internal pop up valve is long lasting and quickly responds to pressurisation.

Narrow & Protected

Pipework is protected as it fits between the wheels and can be laid down in a vehicle for transit.

Flexible Pusher Lines

Flexible pusher line ensures air flow without pressure loss caused by elbows and ease of valve servicing.

Air Manifold

Air Manifold allows multiple outlets for ancillary equipment.

Waterproof Sieves & Lids

Optional sieve & lid sit outside the machine to prevent water ingress.

Balanced by Design

Easy to manoeuvre on site by one person, no matter their size, complete with lifting lugs, Elcometer blast machines are balanced to perfection so they land wheel first to prevent damage.