Elcometer 15bar (217psi) Blast Hose

The Elcometer Blast Hose is available in anti-static 40m (131ft) lengths with a number of hose diameters, in 15bar (217psi) pressure to meet the needs of your blast project.

Tough Outer Cover

Elcometer blast hoses are manufactured using abrasion resistant and anti-static natural and styrene-butadiene rubber with a cloth impression, the tough weather resistant cover prolongs the life of the blast hose.

2 Ply Braid Reinforcement

Elcometer’s blast hose features highly woven cord linings in a 2 ply cross pattern to improve blast hose strength and allow flexibility.

Anti-Static and Abrasion Resistant Inner Wall

The Elcometer blast hose is manufactured out of natural and styrene-butadiene rubber compound with carbon black, has an abrasion resistance value of 50mm3 in accordance with DIN53516 and has an anti-static rating (R) of R<106 Ω/m. This dissipates static electricity to the ground to protect the blaster from injuries caused by a static shock.

Elcometer blast hoses are flexible, anti-static and incredibly tough, ensuring minimal pressure losses take place within the blast hose.