Enhance your blasting performance

Optimising the volume, speed and pressure of air to the nozzle results in greater abrasive blasting (sandblasting) efficiency. Higher pressure and speed of air at the blast nozzle will also allow use of a larger nozzle size resulting in faster blast area coverage allowing you to cover more in less time. Operating at more efficient blast pressures will also result in less abrasive usage thus saving money and clean up time!

Minimise Your Pressure Loss

The design of your sandblast machine together with your blast hose diameter, length, age, wear and quality can all affect the pressure at the nozzle.
That is why our abrasive blast machines have a maximum working pressure of 12 or 15bar (174 or 217psi), and have been engineered for minimal pressure loss - so that you will always have the nozzle pressure you need to maximise your productivity.

Maximise Your Cubic Air Flow Per Minute

With an internal pipe diameter of 1½" (38mm) across our abrasive blast machines we have optimised the volumetric flow rate of air through the sandblast machine every minute so that you can select a larger blast nozzle diameter, allowing you to blast more, in less time.

Blast For Longer

Elcometer abrasive blast machines have a maximum working pressure of 12 or 15bar (174 or 217psi) so that you can maintain the nozzle pressure over significantly longer lengths of hose, even as it wears.

Reduce Your Media Costs

Elcometer blast machines are designed to have the optimum pressure and flow rate at the nozzle, so that you can use less abrasive to blast the same area to the same profile, saving you money.

Our abrasive media valves come with fingertip adjustment so that you can precisely control the media flow, even when you are blasting.

Reduce Your Maintenance 

Elcometer’s blast machines are engineered to be extremely durable so that parts can last longer.

Forcing abrasive through a high pressure system, however, will always create wear and tear so we have designed our blast machines to be extremely easy and fast to maintain so that you can maximise your blast time.

Be In Control

Designed for precision control and minimal air flow loss, the Elcometer RCV4000 & RCV4000+ Remote Control Valves allows you to safely control a blast machine at the nozzle, fast.