150 litre (5.3cu ft) Air Distribution Manifold with 5 outlets

Portable Elcometer High Volume Air Distribution Manifolds (ADM) are designed to maintain a consistent air supply to multiple air powered devices.

  • Heavy duty 6mm (¼”) construction steel thickness
  • Supplied with plug as standard
  • Supply up to 6 different air powered devices
  • Inbuilt moisture trap and baffle separates moisture from air supply
  • Designed for use with air compressors, up to a maximum working pressure of 15bar (217psi)
  • Built in lifting lugs and wheels for easy manoeuvring around site

When connecting multiple air powered devices to a single compressor, the demands on air flow can vary as each device switches on or off. An air distribution manifold (ADM) can reduce fluctuations in demand, acting as a buffer, to provide a more consistent air supply to multiple devices.

Elcometer’s Air Distribution Manifolds are designed with a range of features and benefits and the ability to connect up to 6 different air powered appliances at any one time, depending on the model.

The Elcometer Air Distribution Manifold is supplied with plugs so that when an air outlet is not in use, the compressed air does not escape.

The ADM features a moisture separation system to ensure there is no moisture in the compressed air that is dispensed, this works by cooling the air so that the water particles are removed, the water then drips out of the adjustable ball valve exiting the air distribution manifold.